Universal Laptop Charger


-8 inter-changable connectors.
-Overload protection.
-Short circuit protection.

Input Voltage: AC120V OR AC230V
Input Rated Current: 1.0A
Input Power: 100VA
Output power (max): 70W
Effiency: 80%(TYP)
Output voltage: DC12V / 15V / 16V /18V /19V /20V /24V
Output current: 12V/ 15V/ 16V/ 18V/ 19V/ 20V 3.5A max

Connections Pins:
-6.00 X 1.00
-6.30 X 3.00
-5.50 X 2.50
-5.50 X 2.10
-5.50 X 1.70
-4.80 X 1.70
-4.00 X 1.70
-3.50 X 1.35


The Universal Laptop charger and AC adapter 70W is an universal switching-mode power supply for laptops and LCD monitor.
It comes with 8 inter-changeable connection pins suitable for nearly all laptop models and manufacturers, such as ACER, APPLE, ASUS, COMPAQ, FUJITSU, HP, IBM, NEC, PANASONIC, SHARP, SONY & TOSHIBA.


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